Top 10 Most Essential Things to Buy Before Baby Birth | Baby Shopping Dubai

Are you worried about online baby shopping first before giving birth? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Every first-time mom has wondered what she truly needs to do at a baby shop, the stuff we should get before the baby comes.

You don’t want to buy the stuff from the market or online baby shopping that you’ll scarcely use once the baby arrives. But you also want to prevent not having an item once you eventually get home.

Perhaps you’ve already ticked off most items on your registry list but can’t help but feel like you forget something. Or you’re simply wondering what things been-there, done-that moms wished they had but didn’t think to acquire beforehand.

So, make a list by adding these ten things to your purchasing items for your first baby products. 

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  1. Baby monitor 
  2. Swaddles
  3. Receiving blankets
  4. Crib or bassinet
  5. Crib mattress
  6. Darkening curtains
  7. Do online baby shopping for a sleepsack
  8. Changing table or dresser
  9. Changing pad and covers
  10. Swing
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1- Baby monitor

Many women have found a baby monitor helpful by doing online baby shopping, especially if they wish to check on the baby without potentially waking him up (darn those creaky doors!). A baby monitor also makes it simpler to slumber while the baby naps. 

Buy from the best baby store so that you don’t feel driven to hurry in each time he so much as whimpers. And if you have a huge house, a baby monitor lets you do other things farther away from the infant. You’ll be able to check on him even if you’re not in the adjacent room.

2- Swaddles

Swaddling your baby will make him feel snug and at home, just like he did in your womb. Mothers are fans of pre-made swaddles that you just velcro or zip in place instead of sewing one from a blanket.

3- Receiving blankets

Even with a pre-made swaddle, you’ll still want to have a couple of different receiving blankets on hand. In addition to using them as nursing covers, you can drape them over strollers, lay your baby on them for extra padding, etc.

Key point: Get from the best online baby shop in Dubai both light and heavy-weight blankets for different reasons. Taking at least two of each would be preferable.

online baby shopping

4- Crib & bassinet

Buy any baby gear you’ll need to install, construct, or practice using well ahead of your baby’s arrival, including a crib. This isn’t something you want to put off until after the baby arrives home since assembling this can take a while. Plus, your baby needs a safe location to sleep once he’s home.

Key point: A bassinet is a convenient resting place you may keep close to your bed for middle-of-the-night feedings. You can also have it from a reliable online baby shopping store and save your time.

5- Crib mattress

Invest in a good crib mattress since your infant will likely use it for years, even though toddlerhood. 

Key point: Get at least two fitted crib sheets to cycle through.

6- Darkening curtains

Help your infant fall—and stay—asleep easier with darkening curtains. These will block out the sunshine that can hinder him from sleeping longer. There are plenty of UAE baby shopping stores available where you can find quality stuff for your loved ones’ to sleep healthy. 

7- Do online baby shopping for a sleepsack

As practical as baby blankets may be, one thing you can’t use them for is to help the baby sleep. Instead, use a sleep sack to keep him warm and safe as he sleeps. Buy them online, so it will be conducive to saving your time. 

8- Changing Table or Dresser

Instead of having a separate changing table and dresser, get one that integrates both! Use the top of the dresser as a changing table and store the baby’s clothes in the drawers. 

So, these serve well for quick items to grab like diapers and wipes. And yes, you can always change the baby on the floor with a changing pad. But doing that too often without the ability to stand will break your back. 

9- Changing Pad and Covers

You’ll need a changing pad to place on top of the changing table. Make sure you can firmly attach the pad to the dresser so it doesn’t move around and that the pad includes safety straps for the infant. You’ll also need to shop for at least two changing pad covers from a reliable baby store in UAE. This is because you can wash them periodically or after dirty changes.

10- Swing

We can develop healthy habits to get the child’s infant to sleep. And a swing is the best method to do just that. Because when you have a newborn, you need more than just one strategy to get your infant to sleep. But make sure to buy from a reliable baby store in Dubai as a swing helps you free up your arms and give him a chance to slumber.

online baby shopping


I hope this guide will help you to make a list for the shopping whether it’s online or from the market. If you’re a first-time mom, you need to know about swaddles, baby monitors, crib mattresses, etc. Swaddles will help your baby feel nice and snug, just like he was used to in the womb. 

Get light- and heavy-weight blankets for different reasons, taking at least two of each. Do online baby shopping now to start using it well ahead of the baby’s arrival. A bassinet is a convenient place you may keep close to the bed for middle-of-the-night feedings. Buy these and make your life easy with your first child.

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